The Exmoor Moorland Landscape Partnership commissioned an independent Scheme Evaluation to look back at what we did, and how well we managed the Heart of Exmoor programmes. We also ran evaluations during the scheme for a range of events and projects, and made some short films to help show what our Landscape Partnership work was all about. You can find our Evaluation Reports and other evaluation-related materials here.

On behalf of the Heart of Exmoor team, I would like to convey our profound gratitude to everyone involved in the Scheme’s success.

Jason Ball, Scheme Manager. MCMI (Dip Mgt), MCIEEM, MSP® Practitioner.

Scheme Evaluation Report


The Final Evaluation Report, by Rural Focus. (Adobe PDF)

Annex to the Final Evaluation Report, by Rural Focus.  (Adobe PDF)

Charts in the report show how well we met our targets in each of the 3 programmes, and maps indicate where some of the activity took place, to give you an idea of the ‘reach’ of the Heart of Exmoor Scheme. (Choose an image to enlarge.)

Evaluation findings include (excerpts):

  • It bears favourable comparison with other larger schemes and is judged to have made effective use of the resources it had available to it.
  • New approaches to delivering discrete projects as part of a larger landscape-focussed overall strategy have proved successful. A range of partners have seen the benefits of contributing their own in-kind skills and manpower to a shared endeavour.
  • Whilst there may not be the support for continuing the same kind of focus on moorland heritage, it is likely that HLF would favourably consider another approach to its Landscape Partnership Programme from Exmoor.
  • The opportunity exists to build on the achievements of the Heart of Exmoor Scheme and address other landscape challenges on Exmoor.

Other reports

Links to reports – in Adobe PDF format.  

Longstone Landscapes Project report Jan2016

Views of Exmoor Exhibition EVALUATION Final

Summary – DIG Porlock 2013 Evaluation

EMLP_DigPorlock2013_book (very large file!)

Barle Crayfish Survey ‘How To’ report + interim evaluation 2015

Executive Summary Moorland Classroom Evaluation amended

Moorland Classroom Evaluation report 2013 final amended  (very large file!)

Video clips

We have an evaluation playlist on YouTube