Bogtastic is on WEDNESDAY

The popular Bogtastic event is on Wednesday 29 July, 10am – 4pm, based in and around Simonsbath.

This all-weather  ‘drop in’ event is FREE and features 40 exciting activities – the Bogstacle course, stream dipping, bog safaris, the opportunity to visit one of the South West’s last remaining operational water powered sawmills and lots more fun indoors and outdoors. (Yes there are toilets, shelter, food and parking.)

“Exmoor’s bogs give us so much to celebrate – from wonderful habitat and carbon storage to the water that ultimately ends up in our taps. Bogtastic is a great opportunity stop and think about the significance of bogs for all of us!” –  said Morag Angus, project manager, Exmoor Mires Project.

Patrick Watts-Mabbott, Exmoor National Park volunteer and outreach officer commented: “Bogtastic will have something for everyone, from archaeology and bats to boggy walks and sawmill tours. Entry is free!”

For further information on Bogtastic please contact 01598 752509 or visit or the Facebook page and watch the hashtag #Bogtastic15 on Twitter.

Bogtastic is financially supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, South West Water and the Exmoor National Park Partnership Fund through the Heart of Exmoor Scheme.

The UK has 20% of the world’s blanket bog with Exmoor fortunate to have some of this rare and fascinating habitat.  This landscape is often considered to be the UK’s equivalent of Brazil’s exotic rainforest; it is a huge store of carbon dioxide and home to numerous endangered species and even a carnivorous plant, the sundew.

International celebrations occur as far afield as Estonia, Ireland and America. Exmoor will be at the heart of this year’s celebrations with its unique Bogtastic day out.


About Programme Manager

Helping people to enjoy and appreciate Exmoor National Park's moorland, and supporting those who take care of it.
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  1. Bogtastic 2015 featured in activities for one of Somerset Wildlife Trust’s trainees. Nice to see other people’s stories that relate to the big day. Link:

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