‘Visit Exmoor’ spring conference THIS FRIDAY!

Still places available:


Exmoor Society Spring Conference – Visit Exmoor

THIS FRIDAY 24 April 2015, Dulverton Town Hall.


“Tourism will be the theme of the Exmoor Society’s annual spring conference later this week when delegates will be considering how we balance tourism with conserving the natural environment – and also how we can promote the unique experiences the region has to offer its visitors.


Promote too far and too much and you can easily kill the golden goose that lays the lucrative eggs. No one wants to see our fabulous countryside being overly interpreted with in-your-face signs that tell you everything from A-to-Z without leaving any room for the excitement of self-discovery.


You can lead by inspiration, without leading by the nose. Hinting at the wonders and delights that may be out there is one thing – holding the visitor’s hand each and every step of the way is another. The over-promotion of an area and merits is far worse than doing no marketing at all, but there’s always a middle way.”

Extract from Western Morning News Opinion piece – 20 April 2015


What are your views? Come and hear from speakers including Lyndsey Swift of visit England, Malcolm Bell of Visit Cornwall and Evelyn Stacey of Exmoor Tourism and then join the debate and share your views as we tackle the issues facing Exmoor.


Other speakers include Jim Hardcastle of Viper Marketing and Shaun Beer from Bournemouth University looking at how we promote special experiences based on recent PhD research on Exmoor, Helen Blackman of the Exmoor Society taking a look at how tourism used to be and myself exploring what the Authority’s role is in supporting sustainable tourism.


Full details are available from the Exmoor Society’s website. http://www.exmoorsociety.com/Events.htm 

To book a last minute place call them on 01398 323335. (They are happy to take bookings and accept delegates on the day but please book by tomorrow afternoon if you want lunch!!!)


About Programme Manager

Helping people to enjoy and appreciate Exmoor National Park's moorland, and supporting those who take care of it.
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