Glorious sunshine (well mostly) and walling.

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Last week I had one of our 6 annual working holidays in to complete some ditch walling and a couple of all day walks.

The wall is an old corn ditch probably at least 500 years old dating to the enclosures act and enclosing the moorland around Trentishoe. It had to be sympathetically repaired in sections due to time and more recent wet years taking their toll.

I led 3 days walling training a group of 12 how to wall and between them they completed around 30m of walling. All the stone used was original and dug from the foot of the collapsed wall.

I think you will agree looking at the pictures of the proud wallers that the repairs are very good and in character with the original wall so a massive thank you to the group.

We also had two stunning days walking one from Combe Martin to…

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