Autumnal Heddon and another Shared Moment of Tranquillity.

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A walk down to Heddon’s Mouth to check for litter morning was an absolute delight, the sun was shining and it was beautifully still. In fact, apart from a distant aeroplane and the sound of my own boots on the footpath there were no other man made sounds to be heard.
Autumn colour is just beginning to show on the trees, and the squirrels were busy gathering acorns and beech masts, but surprisingly I saw and heard things that I would normally expect earlier in the year. Red Campion is in flower as is yarrow along with bramble flowers right next to blackberries still ripe to pick, most of the way down I listened to the enchanting sound of a wood warbler. Somewhat inspired by some positive comments on the video of Heddon’s Mouth a few weeks back I decided I should try another ‘shared moment of tranquillity’ so here…

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