Wonderful Waxcaps

This autumn, join FSC Nettlecombe Court and help them as they survey their surrounding grasslands for wonderful waxcap fungi.  Nettlecombe Court Field Studies Council Centre is located near Monksilver, Somerset and specialises in teaching people of all ages about ecology, geography and other environmental sciences in and around Exmoor National Park.

The survey dates are: Saturday 12th October (this day includes fungi ID training by Michael Jordan from the Association of British Fungus Groups), and Sunday 10th November.

Both of the survey days will start at 10am and will aim to finish by 3-4pm, depending on variables such as the weather and abundance of waxcaps. There will also be tea and cake provided for willing volunteers!

To download a free event poster, please click here – Wonderful Waxcap Surveys

If you are interested in taking part, and for more information, please contact Andy Nelson on 01984 640320 or andy.nc@field-studies-council.org

To find out more about local fungi and mushroom days visit: http://www.exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk/

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