Exmoor Ponies are 2012 Horse Agility World Champions

News story from EquineTourism.co.uk

The International Horse Agility Club has announced the RESULTS of their Summer of Sport Challenge Championship Final. This is an Online Horse Agility (OLHA) video competition which means anyone, anywhere can compete. Competition classes were Starter, First, Medium, Advanced and Liberty Levels – with Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals awarded in each section.

The Gold Medal winners in each section became World Champions at that level. And competing against all horse and pony breeds from across the world, Exmoor ponies managed to shine again with these results!

Congratulations to these ponies who are proving to be great ambassadors for the breed on a global stage:

  • GOLD MEDAL World Champion & European Champion Liberty Level (Horses & Ponies)  – Exmoor pony stallion Hawkwell Versuvius (Bear), and Dawn Westcott.
  • GOLD MEDAL World Champion & European Champion Medium Level (Horses & Ponies)  – Exmoor pony gelding Gaoth, and Jackie Wharton.
  • SILVER MEDAL & European Champion at Advanced Level (Horses & Ponies)  – Exmoor pony stallion Hawkwell Versuvius (Bear), and Dawn Westcott.

Bear’s winning performance in the Liberty Class (no rope):


A few words from the International Horse Agility Club:

What a fantastic finish to the Horse Agility Summer of Sport Championships. It was delightful to see the energy people had put into dressing up their courses, themselves and even their horse! In the Patriotic Corner we had a tea party for England, maple leaves and red and white abounded in Canada, kangaroos for Australia and plenty of orange for The Netherlands. Special mention goes to the Morris dancer and maypole in England, the accordion player and yodeller in Austria and the rent-a crowd in Outback Australia. All this was duly noted and we do hope you post your videos on line so that everyone can see your delightful handiwork. Everyone who qualified for this special competition has won already and really showed that they are worthy to represent their country.

Thank you for supporting this wonderful sport and supporting and promoting good horsemanship through your efforts. We look forward to seeing you all competing in next month’s competitions.
The Horse Agility Club Team

The Worldwide Online Horse Agility League
Final results:

Placing; Medal; Competitor name; Horse or Pony name; Points Scored; League Points awarded; Championship

LIBERTY LEVEL – Horse & Pony Combined
1- Gold Dawn Westcott Hawkwell Versuvius (Bear) – 97 – 36
2 – Silver –Beth Smith– Desi- 96 – 24
3 – Bronze – Shelley Newton Carter– Summer Solstice III – 93 – 18

ADVANCED LEVEL On-The-Line (Horse/Pony Combined)
1- Gold – Rachel Bennett– Mr Hughey – 97 – 48
2 – Silver – Dawn Westcott Hawkwell Versuvius (Bear) – 96 – 32
3 – Bronze – Deborah Pitts – Pedro – 94 – 24

MEDIUM LEVEL On-The-Line (Horse/Pony Combined)
1 – Gold – Jacqueline Wharton Gaoth ENG 95 36 pts
2 – Silver – Alison Franks D ENG 93 24 pts
3 – Bronze – Susan Engle Sherbert USA 92 18 pts

FIRST LEVEL On-The-Line (Horse/Pony Combined)
1 – Gold – Susan Infante – Princess Spicey Neigh USA 99 24 pts
2 – Silver – Cathy Powell Papoose ENG 98 16 pts
3 – Bronze – Sarah Davis Jac ENG 97 12 pts

STARTER LEVEL On-The-Line (Horse/Pony Combined)
1 – Gold – Dorothy Hrncir Daisy USA 100 13 points
2 – Silver – Sarah Davies Blue ENG 99 9 points
3 – Bronze – Katie Wahlheim Rose AUS 98 7 points


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    What a fantastic achievement, and very good for the profile of the Exmoor Pony breed.

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