Big Spawn Count – share and Tweet your pond!

Have you spotted any frogspawn lately? Enter your sightings at the Big Spawn Count records page. It’s also easy to share spawn sightings via Twitter with @ARC_Bytes … the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust.

Simply make a total count of the rounded clumps of frogspawn. Each is usually from an individual female frog – so this indicates how many females came to the pond to spawn. Remember to note the date, and where you saw them. Best to use a map, to get a grid reference (your co-ordinates).

Get a grid reference at Ordnance Survey ‘get-a-map’

Here’s a great web page to find an OS grid reference on a map – it takes seconds. Enter the place or postcode, click in the place you saw the frogspawn, and the map re-centres. The OS grid ref at the centre is shown below the map.


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