Highlights – January

Moorland - the Heart of ExmoorA brief update from the Heart of Exmoor scheme.
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We had a successful first year. The scheme spent over £120k, benefitted from volunteer time worth almost £25k, and overall we were ahead of targets. We published 140 posts during 2011 on our free WordPress website. We built up more than 400 followers on Twitter.

January 2012

  • Faye Balmond, the Moorland Heritage Officer, commenced working 4 days per week (formerly 2.5 days).
  • Participated in several ENPA Partnership Plan consultation meetings.
  • 9 new website posts published. 2 press releases.
  • Reaching Out. Session with Scouts. Events details finalised for Exmoor Visitor. Launched a search for web resource volunteers. Promoted the Exmoor 300 bus.
  • Volunteers for the Moor. Advertised role for web resource volunteer. More wall training and 1st Aid courses booked.
  • Moorland Classroom. Education resources: formative evaluation at Dulverton Middle School with teaching staff; more piloting sessions planned; web format drafts ongoing.
  • Access for All. Coverage in Somerset Sight magazine.
  • Moor to Sea. Session at Bickleigh school with River Exe Project.
  • Exmoor’s Treeless Forest. Began bookings for March seminar.
  • Discovering Prehistory. Confirmed date for visit by 6th form group.
  • Views of the Moor. Photo exhibition at Barnstaple museum concluded.
  • Moorkeepers. A 2nd Moorkeeper was engaged for Molland, White Rocks Down and the Anstey commons (moorland unit 17).
  • Moor Skills. A set of practical moorland training sessions began for Bridgewater College students. First Aid course offered free to young farmers.
  • Empowering Moorland Managers. Another meeting booked for moorland herd owners (Exmoor Ponies).
  • Demonstration Moors. Swaling demos planned.
  • Reconditioning Moorland Character. ENPA Farm Conservation Advisor has viisitied several sites to evaluate applications for landscape grants for EMLP. Potential new project sites visited by panel members. Background info search and collation by ENPA Landscape Officer. The undergrounding at Hawkcombe Head was completed, and the vital archaeological report is now complete.
  • Conserving the Moorland’s Past. A detailed  condition survey report on Simonsbath Tower was completed. This will enable prioritised conservation works.
  • Promoting Exmoor’s Ponies. Grant-funded the refurbishment of the trailer used by ‘Friends of the Exmoor Pony’ to enable outreach work.

About Programme Manager

Helping people to enjoy and appreciate Exmoor National Park's moorland, and supporting those who take care of it.
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