Exmoor Ponies Win International Prizes

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Exmoor Ponies have won two amazing international awards. Susannah Muir, with her Exmoor Pony Threeshires Zanatan (known as Twiggy), won the Worldwide Competitions League Championship, sponsored by TheSaddleryShop.co.uk. Dawn Westcott of Exmoor led her Exmoor Pony stallion Hawkwell Versuvius through a excellent demonstration of pony handling to become crowned winner of the International OLHA! Video League, sponsored by Leasefield Holidays.

Here is the prize-winning video by Dawn Westcott, whose Exmoor Pony was born wild on the moor.

People often hear that the Exmoor Pony is a ‘wild’  and difficult breed. They do need intelligent handling and appropriate care, but these achievements show the brilliant potential in Exmoor Ponies. Read more about the breed…


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Helping people to enjoy and appreciate Exmoor National Park's moorland, and supporting those who take care of it.
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3 Responses to Exmoor Ponies Win International Prizes

  1. If you’d like to link to the full Horse Agility Worldwide Championships story, and full results of both Horse Agility Leagues, and also see articles from some of the competitors about how Horse Agility has helped and changed their lives, then you’ll find it all on the http://www.EquineTourismCommunity.com. There are also Photo and Video Galleries, the Horse Agility bloggers, and the official Horse Agility Club Forum. Lots of competitors have posted their monthly video entries, so you can see how we all started (!) and how we’ve progressed over the year. Every month, we learn how to be quieter and build more connection with our horses and ponies. As you can imagine – Exmoor ponies love this and respond really well.

  2. Many thanks for your lovely write-up, and for helping to promote Horse Agility and the success of Exmoor ponies in the HA World Championships. Horse Agility helps both horse and handler to build partnership, through the use of positive, trust-based methods. Exmoor ponies are proving to be highly adept and trainable in this exciting new sport, and hopefully it will help and encourage more people to choose Exmoor ponies, who will thrive when handled sensitively. For anyone who’s interested, here’s another video link, where you can see him doing some Horse Agility work, loose, with no head collar, and also some footage of him ‘being a stallion’.

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