Heart of Exmoor congratulates photographers

Faye Balmond awarded prizes to the Moorland - the Heart of Exmoorbest moorland pictures in the ‘North Devon in Photographs’ competition at the weekend. The Heart of Exmoor category invited images of Exmoor National Park’s moorland.

Chris Bowman won first and third prize! Lorraine Parramore won 2nd prize. The River Barle featured in both of Chris Bowman’s landscape pictures – which were richly coloured, and by contrast, Lorraine Parramore’s image was a striking black and white.

Not surprisingly the judging was difficult because there were plenty of very good and technically impressive photos. There was even one taken on infra-red film, which gave a very high resolution, monotone photograph of a stunning sky. We think our category had some of the best pictures, in fact!

Exmoor Magazine

Exmoor, the Country Magazine has kindly offered to publish the best images from the Heart of Exmoor category, in their Spring 2012 edition.


We are especially grateful to Mel Terrell at the museum, for including us in the competition, and who received and sorted the numerous entries.

Where to see these pictures

Visit the ‘North Devon in Photographs’ exhibition at the Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon. The Heart of Exmoor category display climbs the stairs to the first landing! The display of more than 100 images is open until 14th January 2012.

First, Second, Third

  1. ‘The Barle at Simonsbath’ shot by Chris Bowman. A view from the top of a valley near Simonsbath, at sunset, with warm red light pouring over the moorland and the shining waters of the River Barle weaving below.
  2. ‘Windswept’ by Lorraine Parramore. Weather-sculpted beech trees perched on a moorland field bank on the high moor.
  3. ‘Landacre Rapid’ – by Chris Bowman. A composition of a pebbled river and a grand ash tree under a dramatic summer sky.

‘Highly Commended’

  • ‘Web Site’ by Mr J Leach. A field festooned with spider-spun gossamer.
  • ‘Valley of Rocks’ by Ian McMillan. The coastal edge of the heathland, a picture with robust colours and very good depth of field.


  • ‘Enjoying the Winter Sunshine’ by Lesley Pook. In the foreground, Exmoor Ponies in snow above Porlock, enjoying a sunny interlude to the weather; in the background, a view across Porlock Bay.
  • ‘An Exmoor Summer’ by Gill Leach. This features Exmoor Ponies and Highland Cattle on Brendon Common.


About Programme Manager

Helping people to enjoy and appreciate Exmoor National Park's moorland, and supporting those who take care of it.
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