The Prettiest of Toadstools? The Exmoor Waxcap Survey

Moorland - the Heart of Exmoor

When you are out walking on Exmoor, please keep an eye out for brightly coloured waxcap fungi. They are typical of grassy moorland, and ancient grassland.

Because the waxcaps are ‘indicators’ of these habitats, Exmoor National Park Authority is hoping to track down any remaining areas of ‘unimproved’ grassland on Exmoor (grassland that has not been fertilised, sprayed, or sown with modern grass varieties).

You can help, by sending in your sightings! Download the survey postcard:

Waxcap survey postcard  (includes helpful colour photos)

The 25 types of waxcaps on Exmoor make a rainbow of colours! Waxcap toadstools often change colour as they mature and sometimes the weather can play its part – a long dry spell, for example, may cause colours to become paler – so a certain amount of caution is needed when trying to identify them. The main season is from October to December but in wet summers waxcaps may be spotted earlier.

Some good places to look include parklands, church yards and even lawns.


About Programme Manager

Helping people to enjoy and appreciate Exmoor National Park's moorland, and supporting those who take care of it.
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