Autumnwatch on Exmoor

What a brilliant job the BBC Autumnwatch team made of introducing the wild side of Exmoor National Park, last Friday night (BBC Autumnwatch LIVE, Fri 21 Oct 2011). Chris Packham said, “…Nationally… Exmoor is overlooked as a wildlife resource. This is entirely unjustified – there is so much living here.”

Not only did they cover the moorland and its ageless emblems, the unique Exmoor Pony and the majestic Red Deer – the coastal expedition to rockpools was great fun, and the feature on Horner Wood was enchanting.

Exmoor Pony expert Dr Sue Baker provided an excellent insight. Despite the very short time given to these TV features, Sue made an interesting point about the pony belonging to the British wild fauna, although they exist “in a managed situation” – the ponies are owned, within a managed countryside, but live as wild animals would.

The pony herd filmed by the BBC was gathered on Winsford Hill and brought into the paddocks at the Exmoor Pony Centre. (We saw Mike Sherwin, but did anyone spot Liz Green, our Exmoor Pony Officer?)

This Autumnwatch coverage comes at a great time – as we work closely with the Exmoor Pony Society and the Moorland Mousie Trust to promote Exmoor’s unique ponies.


You might not have noticed the show previews on the web, but locally the rumours were going around Exmoor Twitter accounts about the forthcoming visit from Chris Packham and Martin Hughes-Games.

See it again!

What’s next?

The BBC could really do with a whole series about the wildlife on Exmoor…


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