BBC Country Tracks: Exmoor – why delete it?

Country Tracks on 19 June was a very good episode about Exmoor National Park… and it’s going to disappear from iPlayer very soon. What a shame that BBC iPlayer has such a short webcast time for great TV shows like this. Why can’t they have it available on demand, for the licence payers, at any time?

The usual BBC Country Tracks recipe – it showed a compilation of interesting clips from previous programmes that featured Exmoor. A useful reference resource, and what a good promotion for Exmoor!

The Exmoor episode, presented by Mark Beaumont, featured a varied selection of moorland landscapes, from high moor to coastal cliffs, interviews with local people, stories on Exmoor Ponies, Red Deer and even Johnny Kingdom!

When is it for the chop?

Oddly enough the ‘mainstream’ version is available until 1 minute before noon this Sunday (26 June) but the enhanced Exmoor Country Tracks with added sign language is iplayable until 2.34am on Thursday 30 June. (yes, half past two in the morning!)


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Helping people to enjoy and appreciate Exmoor National Park's moorland, and supporting those who take care of it.
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