Free training in dry-stone walling

One of the great traditional skills of Exmoor, for centuries the making and repair of stone walls has been crucial to the keeping of livestock. The gargantuan lengths of wall that surround the ‘tamed’ core of Exmoor’s Treeless Forest are a dynamic, living feature, stuffed with ferns and flowers.

On some areas of Exmoor the stone walls are also in need of some attention! Help us to conserve the largest stone monument in Exmoor National Park… the Knight Wall… and some of the smaller stoneworks too. No job too small, as they say!

Contact us

Heart of Exmoor volunteers have just begun a series of FREE training days. Please come and meet us at the Simonsbath Big Adventure Day on Tuesday 31st May or find out more from Faye Balmond, our Moorland Heritage Officer. Call 01398 322164.

Exmoor Conservation Volunteers Partnership (ECVP)

Exmoor National Park Authority runs a partnership of key public bodies and charities – and together these organisations make up the Exmoor Conservation Volunteer Partnership (ECVP). Our scheme recently linked up with the ECVP, and with the brilliant help of Patrick Watts-Mabbott, we have been able to bring together some new volunteering opportunities quite quickly. Pat also promotes our events on the volunteering pages of the Exmoor National Park Authority website.


About Programme Manager

Helping people to enjoy and appreciate Exmoor National Park's moorland, and supporting those who take care of it.
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