Exmoor Perambulation 2011

Walk the ancient Exmoor Royal Forest’s 31-mile boundary! This year the famous circular endurance walk takes place on Saturday, 25 June 2011.Exmoor Perambulation 

The shape of today’s moorland landscape was influenced hugely by the royal forest status, and the attempts to tame it after the royals sold the ‘treeless forest’ in the 1800s. The boundary remaining after parishes had been awarded ‘allotments’ was marked by a stone wall, commissioned by the Knight family.

The origin of the annual Exmoor Perambulation dates back more 725 years and reaches parts of the Exmoor National Park that are not usually open to the public.

Tickets for the full distance walk cost £17.50 per person, while it is £12.50 for each person walking the half-distance option. Under 18s go free but must be accompanied by an adult.

The Exmoor Perambulation starts from the Exmoor National Park’s Pinkery Outdoor Education Centre, near Simonsbath, which is offering bunkhouse B&B for participants at £20 each.

Places are limited to the first 200 people.

The walk tickets and bunkhouse accommodation can be now booked through www.exmoorperambulation.co.uk


About Programme Manager

Helping people to enjoy and appreciate Exmoor National Park's moorland, and supporting those who take care of it.
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